Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Performance marketing, as the name suggests, is all about performance. With traditional advertising, the advertiser pays the fee upfront, regardless of the performance of the ad. Basically, client spends money without seeing any revenue at all. Performance marketing focuses on ROI, it is data-driven and ROI -focused with advanced marketing techniques, one of which is programmatic advertising, where advertisers only pay when the performance measure (conversion, action, or transaction, or a *pre-agreed metric) is achieved.

In a line, it’s marketing on steroids 🔥

Unlike a marketing agency, we are all about sales, revenue, and growth. We use cutting-edge marketing strategies and build mind-blowing campaigns with the sole goal of return on investment. Whatever we do here, we back it up with data and stack it up with master strategies 🚀

Let’s change this question a little bit: Do we work with very ambitious and passionate people? Yes, we do! Big and small are just words, every company, no matter what size, has a mission and a vision, and if we believe in it, we will give everything to get you where you want to go. We work with people who dream big and are passionate about what they do, and that makes all the difference: Helping you means something to us, it fulfills us 🧡

Yes, we do, there is no but, right in our onboarding call with our clients we discuss the requirements and goals and create a requirements document. Based on that, we create the strategy and roadmap for them. In this process, it is our job to set the expectations and pre-define the results they will see. This varies from brand to brand and is based on their niche, budget, market-product fit, and age of the brand.

Long story short, we define the results the client agrees to before the project starts and deliver them 🙌

A big yes, with a firm handshake. When it is all about the performance of the ad and strategy it is you who ultimately gets benefits. By removing the risk on your side we take the risk and give you the best ROI possible and can help you scale your advertising efforts to meet the needs of your company without breaking the bank. Performance marketing is a superpower for you and your brand ✨

It’s basically asking do I need an address for my office. It is as important, if not more important than an office, especially in the post-pandemic era. A website makes you omnipotent, you can be with your customers anywhere, anytime. It eliminates the biggest problem of offline businesses: scalability and accessibility. You can scale indefinitely and reach your audience all over the world. A website also increases your legitimacy and therefore trust.

Your website is your genie in 2022 🧞

This is a contextual question, it varies from brand to brand. Every social media platform has a different set of rules and perks. If you are an e-commerce brand Meta (Facebook & Instagram) and Pinterest are the right fit. If you have a Saas platform it changes. For B2B Linkedin is a goldmine. Feel free to book a free social media strategy call with us our experts will help you in figuring this out 🙋

Inbound traffic can up your sales and brand awareness can spread your digital presence. It’s an opportunity to reach users and drive them to your site. Social media is the face of your brand. It takes a lot of time and effort to build a social media base, but once you do, you’ll never have to look back.

Digital marketing is like a digital umbrella with many aspects. Advertising is just a part of the marketing process that implements the advertising content to generate more sales, interactions, and engagement. Digital advertising is more like activity in the whole digital marketing process. Marketing is strategic but advertising is tactical

“Content is king” & “Content is everything.” Content marketing is all about building a strong narrative, telling your brand’s story in the most compelling way, and sharing it across multiple channels. Targeted, personalized content can help businesses generate leads, sales, and loyal customers. 🤑

From breaking your head while brainstorming to standing on toes 24*7 to ever-changing algorithms of social media platforms. Just kidding 😅(Nope, 🤫). Jokes apart, content strategy is the most important thing in digital marketing in 2022. Developing a plan of action which delivers the right content to the right person at the right place. A content calendar that contains a content-type – platform map is the key to strategy. Speak to one of our experts in our growth squad to craft an amazing content strategy.

SEO is the founding & strongest pillar of your organic growth. With 8.5+ billion searches per day, a person uses Google search about 120 times per month. Most searches have a specific intent, and if you can take advantage of that, you can successfully build your growth pillar 💪

Data-driven marketing uses customer data to predict their needs, wants, and future behaviours to optimize strategies. These insights help develop personalised marketing strategies to achieve the highest possible return on investment (ROI)

It is a contextual question, without the context there is no specific answer. For some brands it might be brand awareness, for others, it might be revenue. Depending on the objective, the answer changes, but the recommended and industry-standard timeframe to see results is 3 months. It varies in reality, but 3 months is an optimal amount of time to see growth and change.